Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ebay Live in Las Vegas! It's fast approaching...

Well, after many, many months... I'm back! I've been working towards getting my real estate license, and I'm just about ready to jump into the market up here at Big Bear Lake, California. In the meantime, my family and I are all going to attend the EBAY LIVE convention that's being held this year in Las Vegas. Woo hoo! It should be a great time for all, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing how I can use the strengths of eBay with RE. I can't wait! If you're in town for the convention, say hello!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Auctiva: The Free John Wayne Alternative to the Usual Auction Managers

Are you looking for a decent alternative to fee-based auction management websites?

Look no further than

This website has some great tools for anyone looking to start more than a few auctions. I've tried pretty much all of the manin auction management programs/websites out there, and after seven years of doing this, here are some of the things I like about AUCTIVA.

1. Free image hosting. You can upload all of your multiple auction images free of charge at Auctiva. There doesn't seem to be a limit (I guess as long as it's within reason).

2. A decent array of auction templates. Not the best in the world, but they have a good look overall. There are many different templates available - again, free of charge.

3. Auctiva runs a nice window within the template that rotates all of your items for sale. Look at Vendio, for example, and you'll see that this is very comparable. I like the "punch" it gives within each listing; it gives buyers a quick way of seeing your other items for sale.

4. You can save hundreds of auctions and quickly relist them at your convenience. You can re-edit them, make changes, and start them when you like. There are virtually limitless options in this area.

These are just a few things I like about AUCTIVA. But mainly, I like the fact that I'm not giving them a percentage of my sales, and I'm not giving them any listing fees, and no monthly account fees. Woo hoo! Finally, great service, a reliable website, and it's all FREE OF CHARGE!

So, if you are a serious seller, and you're looking for an alternative to all the other exorbitant sites, take a look at AUCTIVA.COM. I'm hoping you won't be disappointed...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lost in the auction seas...

I've been away for the holidays and during this time I've had a few conversations with myself about the direction of auctionexus and this blog. I want to be able to clearly and defiantly state my positions re: eBay, but I always seem to drift back to this voracious dinosaur. I have started a few auctions again - but I take no pleasure in doing this lately.

I've lost the sheer drive and will to want to add more listings. Somewhere along the way this year, as I'm isolated up here in the mountains - I've realized that the absolute joy I used to have with each and every listing I posted on eBay has vanished.

Into thin air, you might say. And I'm not sure if it's only due to my great dissatisfaction with their mafia fees - or if it's something else I can't quite express. But, I have to say that my honeymoon with eBay is being threatened day by day.

So, my answer to this general and unspecified malaise was to start a Prozac regimen. I know, that does seem sort of progressive for me, but what the hell. I have been a complete soldier for eBay for seven years, and it's going to take some major pill-popping to get out of this funk. I love auctions so much that it just KILLS me not to have this love affair with eBay any longer. And maybe the zac will even me out a bit and get me back on track.

Because I know that I cannot fathom being without my beloved auctions. And so, this is the lamentable position I find myself in as we approach the Christmas and New Year's season. Hmmm.

Monday, November 21, 2005

10 Worst Products of 2005 - Things to avoid at all costs

PC Mag has this great story looking at the ten worst products of 2005.

Reading over this list, you get the sense that they are on the money.
For us auctioneers - we definitely want to avoid selling these down the line - it
will only be opening a big ol' can of worms. Link to the story - then link to
their story on the top 101 websites of the year. Always something interesting at PC Mag.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Anti-eBay: eBay is once again that spineless jellyfish little kid in 4th grade that was always beaten up...


today I received a nasty letter from ebay angry that I had included a web link in one of my discussion board posts. They promptly erased this post - and sent me the following "friendly notice" - after the fact.

Once again, eBay comes across as that damned snivelling little brat in 4th grade that was always beat up for being a tattle-tale and spineless jellyfish. He was always looking for fault in others and making sure THE ENTIRE WORLD knew that HE was superior. Just like "Dori" did below.

C'mon, eBay. This has just gotten out of hand. You are so goddamned proprietary and nick-picky about every stinkin' little thing. Why are you so afraid? Aren't you pleased enough that you have a fat, sick, disgusting MONOPOLY on the auction market???

I've dealt with this pettiness for almost seven years now - and it never fails to make me shake my head in wonder. What the hell are they so afraid of - that linking to another site might take their buyer off-site? Oh, jeez - god forbid that people might want to LINK with others in their community - and inform them of changes. As I tried to do.

So - eBay - this has got to stop. And soon. The walls are closing in on your little arrangement - and you are going to get punched but for good. Soon. Soon. I am about ready to start a site similar to that great site that monitors Wal-Mart called Wal-Mart Watch.

Fair warning, auction fans. Things are going to shakeup at ebay very soon - Meg definitely has put feelers out there for other work, and this dinosaur of an auction company better start looking over it's back. REVOLUTION IN THE AUCTION WORLD IS EMINENT!

Fight the good fight - and let your voice be heard here. Comments need to be posted now...

Hello auctionexus,

Recently we became aware that your eBay registered account was involved in the
following activity:

Advertising merchandise, auctions, services or commercial Web sites, including
offers to trade, "wanted" posts, or charitable solicitations.

which is not permitted at eBay.

This is a copy of your post:

auctionexus (504 ) View Listings | Report Nov-15-05 01:39 PST
111 of 115

>>> my posting removed from eBay site <<<

We realize that you may not have been aware there was a rule against this
Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to
review our site policies, which can be found at:

Please understand our goal is to help you understand our policies to ensure
successful experiences at eBay. Therefore, we respectfully request that you
refrain from this activity in the future to avoid the possibility of a
suspension of your eBay registration.

Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.

eBay Moderation Team

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Xbox 360 - He with the bigger and better toys wins.

If this isn't the hottest Christmas present and most requested wish list item for 2005, then I don't know what is. Look for this item and category to SWAMP all others at eBay and elsewhere. By the way, click on the title link to see the awesome website solely devoted to Xbox360. It's all FLASHd out - and simply is a joy to navigate through.

The Last Word:
I see a BIG gaming war brewing on the horizon. Everyone else this season is going to be left out in the cold - this new XBOX is that good.

Friday, November 18, 2005

50 Coolest Websites 2005

For many Netizens, Web logs—reading them, writing them, or both—have become a way of life. So this year, they get their own category. See box for tips on how to keep up with all your favorites, plus tools you can use to build your own. Read Our Reviews »

Overheard in New York
Jalopnik, Autoblog
Go Fug Yourself
MoCo Loco
Allen's Blog
Chocolate and Zucchini
Boing Boing
Anonymous Lawyer
SportsBlogs Nation

Just thought I'd throw this list out there to give my reader's some other options. Not that these sites need it - I'm sure they're trafficking quite a huge amount more than yours truly - but I like to share. Click any of the links above or go to TIME to see the whole article and link to these blogs - and enjoy.

It's a wild, wacky, wicked web out there. Be safe, and have a great weekend... and, oh, one more thing. If you only look at ONE blog today - look at some of the posts of The Anonymous Lawyer and have a few laughs! Some of these are sooo funny, and yet so on the mark. Cheers.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Emancipation Proclamation Copy Auctioned

I am a history fanatic; I admit it freely. I am engrossed by anything that is related to American history - I loved National Treasure when it was released, and I love stories like this one. If I were a rich man...

I would own this copy. Vey cool. So, yes, I am a multi-faceted guy, and yes, I would be eternally happy to have a document like this in my collection. And yes, I am an auction freek... but I admit all of this. I live, breathe, sleep, dream, and delve into the auction world. And this letter... well, I wouldn't hesitate to add it to my collection.

Sadly, this is my fate. As with most collectors, I possess the urge to collect things. And that... and that is why eBay and other sites are so popular, and will always be popular. We have a sickness that cannot be controlled. But, at least we admit our sickness, and embrace it. So, to all you crazy collectors like myself... I salute you!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

In his fourth year at Hogwarts, Harry faces his greatest challenges and dangers yet. When he is selected under mysterious circumstances as a contestant in the Triwizard Tournament, Harry must compete against the best young wizards from schools all over Europe. But as he prepares, signs begin to point to the return of Lord Voldemort. Before long, Harry is playing not just for the Cup, but for his life.

Okay. I have to say that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I like J.K. Rowling's writing, and especially the fact that she created this entirely new world. The writing is geared more for the younger generations - but even us older folk can enjoy this magical world as well...

The fourth movie is out tomorrow - and I will be there, along with the rest of the world. What does this have to do with auctions? Go to eBay or any auction site any minute of any day and take a look at how many auctions are simultaneously occuring. Amazing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Funky salt & pepper shaker @ Google Base

Here's an example of a GOOGLE BASE item for sale. Take a look at how the page is arranged. I like that we can add multiple pictures, a map of our location, special terms, pricing info, and we can offer different prices very much like we see over at our friendly behemoth.

And here are the best parts: we can link to other websites and our own shoping carts freely, and we have NO FEES for any of this. None. Nada. Zip.